Character Creation

I’m going to walk through character creation using the Example of Harry Dresden.

1. High Concept: This is your character, who or what he is at the very base.

As I said we will be using Harry Dresden, his concept would be Wizard-Private Eye.

Next we come up with his Stats:
Everyone start’s off at a D4 and you have 5 points to up those stats.
Agility d4
Smarts d4
Strength d4
Spirit d4
Vigor d4

Now Harry is pretty tough, he’s good at taking a beating so his vigor should be at least a D6, and he’s not super strong so we will leave his strength at a D4, He is tall and lanky as well not the most agile of folks so, again we will leave this as a d4 for now. That being said he is a man of conviction, so we will give him a D8 spirit, and that leaves smarts, being the fact that he is a Wizard he should have at least a D8 there as well.

So that gives us:
Agility d4
Smarts d8 -2 points
Strength d4
Spirit d8 – 2 points
Vigor d6 – 1 point

Next is Skills what a person is good at, you start with 15 points in Skills, plus his human starting skills:

Harry is a loud mouth so we will give him Taunt, as a private investigator he will need Investigation, Notice and Streetwise. Also he will need Spellcasting and Knowledge Arcana

Investigation- 3 d8
Knowledge Arcana 3 d8
Notice- 2 d6
Spellcasting (starting)1-d8
Streetwise -3 d8
Taunt (starting)1 d8
Shooting 2 D6

Next we go to Hindrances, Everyone can take either 4 minor, 2 major or 1 major 2 minor.

Now Harry being a wizard technology has an issue functioning around Magic so he will have Gremlins, Technology breaks down around him. So that’s his first minor. Also Harry is a hero a sucker for the underdog, those in need… that is his first Major Hindrance so that leaves one more minor. AS I said he is a man of Conviction I think stubborn would fit him well..

So that gives him

The next part we go to is Edges.
Since he is a Wizard Arcane Background Magic is a Must, that will be his one starting edge, then he get’s two more from his hindrances. He is a PI so Investigator would fit… And he is a fully trained Wizard so Wizard will be his third.

So that gives him.
Arcane Background Magic

Now since he a spellcaster spells will be next, if not a spellcaster it would be equipment.

Spells: His arcane background gives him 3 spells.
First since he is classically trained he will have Detect/conceal Arcana next he needs to defend himself so he will take deflect with the trapping of a mystical shield.. Finally he will need an offensive spell he will take bolt (Forzare), and add the trapping of Fire to it.

As far as equipment modern stuff tends to breakdown around him so he will take a Colt 45 revolver and a box of bullets, that leaves him 250 he owns a leather duster that will act as light leather armor which drops him to 200 and give him 100 of personal clothing, and 50 worth of spellcasting gear. Leaving him $50

Finally Derived Statistics
Charisma = 0 (no edges or hindrances)
Pace = 6
Toughness 5 (6 with armor) (half vigor +2)

So That gives us

Harry Dresden
Wizard Private Eye

Agility d4
Smarts d8
Strength d4
Spirit d8
Vigor d6
Charisma 0
Pace 6
Toughness 5/6

Skills: Investigation D8, Knowledge Arcana D8, Notice D6, Shooting d6, Spellcasting D8, Streetwise D8, Taunt D8

Hindrances: Gremlins, Hero, Stubborn
Edges: Wizard, Investigator, Arcane Background Magic

Spells: Bolt (Fire) Call it Forzaire, Shield, and Detect/Conceal Arcana.

Colt 45 with a box of bullets, Leather coat, 5 sets of clothes, spellcasting gear, and $50.

The final detail is the 3×3. This is a grid of 3 people you are friends with or that owe you, 3 people you know but have no relationship with, and three people that are your enemy or that you know.

So we will do Harry
Friends: Karen Murphy (Police Contact), Ebenezer Mccoy (Wizard who trained him), Bob the Skull (Supernatural knowledge powerhouse)

Neutral: Macnally local supernatural community pub owner, Susan Rodriguez (Plucky supernatural reporter) Waldo Butters (Coroner)

Enemies: Morgan (White Council Warden who thinks Harry is one step from the dark side), Detective Rudolph (IA Cop who Hassles Murphy because of his hatred of Dresden), He who walks behind, (creature Harry banished to the outer rim)

Character Creation

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