The Storm Over the Bay

This is our World Circa 2011 with history just as you know it, up until 9/15/2011… the world as you know it is about to change, The supernatural is out there, it always has been, it’s been hidden behind closed doors, those who are a part of it, know it, some have caught glimpses… but have played it off as tricks of the mind… Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, Wizards, Necromancers, and Elementals all have been around for eons. There is a council of Wizards who govern them; there are accords and signatories to them that keep a delicate balancing structure of supernatural power from overflowing into the Human world… until now. Something has happened to upset the balance of power and everyone is scrambling to protect themselves and their power base… and it all starts in the city by the bay.

September 15th 2001 San Francisco,

Just days after the largest terrorist attack on American soil, the west coast has suffered it’s own tragedy, this one from mother nature.. Around 7:30 am a cold snap struck dropping temperatures to 15 below freezing over the San Francisco bay area, followed by a 7.0 earthquake that destroyed the Bay Bridge between Oakland and San Francisco. Minutes after the Earthquake the temperature snapped back to normal and Carl the Fog swept over the city, hindering the rescue efforts, leaving over 5,000 injured and several hundred dead or missing.

One month later our adventure begins. Our hero’s have been contacted by Daniel Jeffries a well to do business man with known interest in the occult, to work as specialized troubleshooters and investigators for him, offering good salaries and benefits that are very lucrative…

Storm over the Bay