New Spells

Rank: Novice
Casting Modifier: 1
Range: Smarts x inches
Duration: 10 minutes/Rank
Trappings: Dancing lights, ethereal music, or phantom riches.

Illusion is one of the more commonly employed tactics of the Fey. The Folk love to toy with the greedy nature of mortals by enchanting mundane items so they appear valuable. Some common examples are leprechaun’s gold and faery food (which usually turns out to be something really disgusting). Other Fae use illusory lights to trick mortals into wandering off forest paths, or deprive them of sleep with ethereal music. A successful Notice roll at –4 will allow the victim to see through the illusion.

Thaumaturgic Magic:

Spells vs Thaumaturgy
Spells in this setting work differently from the Savage Worlds system. Evocation (combat magic) works pretty much according to the normal rules. However Ritual magic or Thaumaturgic Magic can be used by anyone who can cast spells.

In the Dresden Files, we see Harry use thaumaturgy for any number of results, but most often for his tracking spell. He also used it to launch a massive evocation spell at the loup garou at a distance in book 2 of the Dresden Files.

Also in the books anyone that is trained in magic can use Thaumaturgy but only those skilled in Arcane lore can do the truly spectacular things.

Thaumaturgy is really a way of channeling magic in any way the mage needs to without having a rote spell.

With the proper components and enough time, a mage can duplicate the effects of nearly any spell that he is high enough rank to cast.

To do this the caster must do several things:

1. Determine the desired effect; if it matches or comes in line with a current spell calculate the power point cost for that spell, if not work with the GM to determine the power point cost.

2. If he is creating something new he must create a ritual, using Knowledge: Arcana, with the power point cost added to the difficulty and distance penalty added to the cost.

3. He must obtain a focus for the target, if it targets a person or thing he must have something that is part of it, or important to it. (in the case of a person hair or blood, a wedding ring, etc. in the case of an object a couple fibers of it, some scrapings etc.)

4. He must then preform the ritual which takes a number of rounds equal to the 1+ the power point cost.

5. Cast the spell; make a spellcasting rule as per normal Spell casting with the penalty of ½ of the power point cost, plus the distance modifier below. By spending additional time preforming the ritual he can reduce the penalty down to 0. For each amount of additional time equal to the time spent in step 4 reduce the penalty by 1.

Distance Modifiers:
Line of Sight or within 1 Mile: -1
Under 10 Miles: -3
Under 100 Miles: -5
Under 1000 Miles: -7
Under 10,000 Miles: -9
Over 10,000 Miles: -11

Example 1:

Harry is fighting the Loup Garou, he know’s it’s coming at them and fast but he can’t see it to blast it so he prepares a ritual using a snoopy doll, and the loup garou’s blood, he is going to use his magic to cast a force bolt at it basically.

So we use the Bolt power as a basis and say he wants to do 3d6 dmg bolt for 2 power points. So it would take him 3 rounds to cast, while hidden in the cubicle, The loup garou is under 1 mile, ( a few offices away) so that would be a -1 and a negative one for half the power point cost, for a spell casting roll of -2.

Harry spends three rounds inciting magic to the theme of peanuts and, then makes his spell casting test on the 3rd round. (D8 + Wild Die of d6) He rolls a 4 on his d8 and a 6 on his d6, which aces, so he re rolls the d6 and rolls a 5 giving a total of 11 -2 =9 vs Target of 4 Success and a raise! Harry then rolls his 3d6 damage, +1d6 for the raise… And rolls a total 21 (one of his dice aced) Dealing the Loup Garou 21 points of damage.

Example 2:
If Harry had never done a tracking spell in this range before he would have to make up the ritual which would require a difficulty 11 Knowledge Arcana check. (Not Easy)

Harry is searching for a runaway girl and he wants to put together a spell to track her down for her parents. They have given him a lock of her hair, so he has a focus, he then prepares to cast a tracking spell. (There is no tracking spell in the book, but I figure Detect Arcana is close…

So I take the power point cost of 2 for the spell, then Harry is pretty sure she is in the south side of the city so we are going to use 10 miles as the range.

So PP cost is 2 so it would take him 3 rounds to cast, and the target range is within 10 miles so that would be a -3 penalty on top of the base -1 penalty for the power cost.

Since he has a bit of time, he decides to spend extra time to work the spell, so instead of 3 rounds he spends 15 rounds to cast the spell, reducing the penalty to 0.


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