Obviously when we are talking about races we are not talking about white, black, Hispanic, Asian… a human is a human is a human… No there are things out there that are not human, who used to be human, or who will never understand what it is to be human. This is a world of Werewolves, Vampires, Fey, Elemental beings that look like any normal human but have the power of one element at their command and it is literally part of them, you also have Necromancers, Dragon kin and countless others… Below I have outlined humans, and humans who can access powers. Then you have the Supernatural Race’s I’ve outlined a few of them below to give examples of a typical member of that Race.

Pure Mortal

Pure Mortal humans get a bonus edge starting out, and start with a Free D6 in any two skills. Also non magical humans start each session with 1 extra benny.

Gifted Human
Gifted humans start out with Arcane Background as a free edge and start with a free D6 in any two skills. Gifted humans age much slower then those who are not gifted once they unlock their abilities they age at 1/10 the speed of pure mortals.


Choose up to 2 supernatural banes, and choose two supernatural boon +one additional boon for each bane taken.

All supernatural creatures are essentially immortal and do not die from ageing, and are immune to poison and disease. Though any can be killed, by brute force, they will never fade away with age or disease.

Also Supernatural Characters start with a Free D6 in any 2 skills.

banes List
boons List

Sample Supernatural

Banes: Night Thing, Blood thirst
Boons: Rend, Construct (Undead), Low Light Vision

Summer Court Elf
Banes: Vulnerability cold Iron, True Speak,
Boons: Glamour, Bard, Supernatural Beauty

Winter Court Ogre
Banes: Bestial Rage, Vulnerability Cold Iron
Boons: Large, Armor, Tough

WereBeast (Bear, Wolf, Cat, Wolverine)
Banes: Bestial Rage, Vulnerability Silver
Boons: Shape Change, Enhanced Senses, Tough

Earth Elemental
Banes: Environmental Dependence (touching the bare earth), Vulnerability Silver
Boons: Elemental Magic, Tough, Claws (can harden fists to stone)

Fire Elemental
Banes: Environmental Dependence (being near fire), Vulnerability Silver
Boons: Elemental Magic, Fly, Claws (fire touch)

Water Elemental
Banes: Environmental Dependence (Water), Vulnerability Silver
Boons: Aquatic, Elemental Magic, Supernatural Beauty

Air Elemental
Banes: Environmental Dependence (Open Spaces), Vulnerability Silver
Boons: Fly, Elemental Magic, Fast.


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