The following edges are removed from the setting:
❖ Mentalist
❖ Power Points
❖ Power Surge
❖ Rapid Recharge
❖ Improved Rapid Recharge
❖ Soul Drain

The following edges are added or replace those of the same name.

Innate Magic
Requirements: Mortal, Arcane Background
Channeling the forces of the universe is as natural as breathing. All Casting Modifiers are reduced by one (minimum of zero).

Requirements: Mortal, Novice
Mediums can communicate with the dead. They cannot see the dead (that requires True Sight), but they can hear them and sense their presence. When interacting with ghosts, the
Medium’s Charisma is increased by +2.

True Sight
Requirements: Mortal, Novice
Some mortals can see things as they truly are. They can see through the Veil with a successful Notice roll. With True Sight, mortals can see spirits and the True Aspect of supernatural beings. Mortals usually gain this ability during puberty or after a traumatic
event. Many consider this ability more of a curse, than blessing. Psychiatric institutions are filled with those who possess True Sight.

Those with spellcasting abilities can open their inner eye by making a spellcasting roll, and see the same thing, but must make a spirit test and roll on the fright table every time they do.

Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Magic), Smarts d8+, Knowledge (Arcana) d8+, Spellcasting d6+

Wizards range from young apprentices to frighteningly powerful supreme sorcerers. They are often physically weak, however, and rarely have the divine powers or healing abilities
of priestly spellcasters. What they lack in spiritual favor, however, they more than make up for in utility and eldritch might. Wizards tend to learn their craft in formalized institutions
or under the tutelage of experienced masters.

Wizards can maintain 1 power for free, and adds half their spirit die to their toughness when resisting backlash.

Destiny’s Child
Requirements: Novice

Draw 1 extra card from the adventure deck every game.

Arcane Background Necromancy
Requirements: Mortal, Novice, Spirit D6
Arcane Skill: Necromancy (Spirit)
Starting Powers 1

Some people can communicate with the dead, others can draw upon the powers of the spirits themselves, they are Necromancers. Necromancers do not have the versatility that other spellcaster’s have, but this arcane background adds a few unique bonuses.

Deathshroud: By wrapping themselves in spiritual energy a necromancer becomes very difficult to see Mortals require a Notice (-4) roll to see you. To those with True Sight, you may be seen with a successful Notice (-2) roll.

Soulblade: You create a melee weapon of spiritual energy that attacks a person’s soul directly, when a person is injured or killed the wounds are not physical but spiritual, and have no obvious signs. The damage on this weapon is equal to Spirit +1D6.

Truesight: Per the Edge.

Suggested Powers: Blink ,Confusion, Death Wail, Dream Walk, Fear, Fly, Havoc, Illusion, Invisibility, Mind Walk, Possession, Resolute, Spirit Claws, Telekinesis, Zombie.


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