Aquatic: This character cannot drown in water. Additionally, they may swim at their basic Pace.

Armor: Natural armor covers this character and may be a thick hide, chitinous plates, or Magickal armor fused to their skin. Whatever the source, the character receives a +1 to Toughness.

Animal Affinity: This is identical to the Beast Master Edge.

Bard: Start with d6 in the Performance skill.

Claws: The character has some form of natural weaponry, such as claws or boney spikes. When fighting barehanded, the character inflicts Strength + d6 damage.

Construct: This character is made of something other than flesh and blood. Some examples are wood, stone, or clay. A construct has the following abilities:
+2 when attempting to recover from Shaken, Does not suffer from Wound Modifiers.

†† Elemental Magic: Only available to those of Elemental bloodlines, this replaces Arcane Background Magic, all attempts at Elemental Magic use Spirit instead.

Enhanced Senses: You gain a +2 to to all Notice rolls. If you have are a Were Creature you can also use this to pick up scent in your human form without the bonus.

Fleet Footed: Pace of 8, d10 running die. For characters with Aquatic or Fly, this may be applied to those forms of locomotion instead. Each form of locomotion requires a separate purchase of Fleet Footed.

Fly: May fly at basic Pace. Flying characters may use their running die in a dive.

Glamour††: Only available to characters with Supernatural Heritage. Glamour replaces the
Arcane Background: Magick, and has no Arcane skill. All attempts at using Glamour are resolved with a Spirit roll.

Non Human Immunity: This Supernatural is immune to either Disease, Poison, or one elemental type, (heat, cold, electricity, acid, etc)

Jinx: The supernatural just don’t get along with technology, and this character in particular can foul up the wonders of the modern-world. With a successful Spirit Roll, a single device is forced to malfunction. With a raise, the device is permanently broken.

Large: Not all Folk fit the image of the diminutive pixie. This character stands nearly 8 feet tall, and has a +3 Toughness modifier. They are easier to hit however, so opponents gain +2 when attacking a Large Supernatural.

Low Light Vision: This Supernatural suffers no effects when acting in low light conditions. In total darkness, they are at –2 for all actions requiring vision.

Innate Magick: All Casting Modifiers are reduced by 1 (minimum of 0). This Boon only works with Glamour, or Elemental Magic.

Rend: A Powerful bite that inflicts Strength + d6 Damage.

Shape Change: Can shape shift to a single animal form. The transformation can be complete, or partial. For example a human body with animal head, a satyr, or the modern image of a werewolf.

Sneaky: +2 to Stealth rolls.

Supernatural Beauty: +2 Charisma. This is not beauty as we normally think of it, but rather an unnatural attraction. For example, Satyrs have this Boon, despite being monstrous in appearance.

Tinker: Per the McGyver Edge. Ignore the requirements for this Edge.

Tough: +1 Toughness.

Wall Walker: Can climb vertical or inverted surfaces. Climbing rolls are only required when performing actions that require the use of hands or feet.


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